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As an independent energy broker, we specialise in providing the most competitive energy rates available and allowing customers the choice of all major suppliers as well as some you may not have heard of. In the last year alone we have helped over 1500 customers negotiate better rates for their energy supplies.


When was the last time you checked your gas and electricity rates? Why not use an energy broker?

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UCR Consultants provided us with clear, honest advice, offering a variety of supplier options as well as an overall recommendation. With so many suppliers to choose from, it’s good to find a independent and impartial consultant who can talk to us in plain English and explain the differences between them and their levels of service. Add to this the savings that UCR were able to provide, then we’d certainly recommend using them.

SWT Barber, Headmaster, Ludgrove School Trust

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Independent energy broker

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UCR Consultants act as independent energy brokers to the SME business sector and domestic energy markets. Energy brokers act as an impartial source of information and cost comparison in a market primarily controlled by six large energy suppliers.

We can source various prices and products and tailor make a solution for you. While customers can often be restricted to standard or renewal pricing, we have access to prices specifically designed for the energy broker market. In addition to this, as we have no ties to any specific suppliers, we can act completely independently and impartially.

In some instances, an energy broker may ask for a fee, this isn’t the case with UCR Consultants. Energy suppliers will normally pay a commission to an energy broker for acquiring or retaining a customer for them, so we will never ask you for money for arranging your contract.

Once we have agreed on a suitable product for you, we will submit all the relevant information to the supplier chosen and monitor the status of the new agreement. We’ll also monitor your contract end date to make sure you never roll onto standard rates again.

Energy suppliers will send you standard renewal rates with inflated prices. We guarantee to beat them.

If you don’t negotiate then you will be rolled over onto standard renewal rates. We guarantee to contact you before your renewal date to reduce your future costs.

You need independent advice. We will obtain discounted pricing from your existing supplier as well as comparing the market for you.

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